Also, at the UN church centre, the president presented a paper on HIV/AIDS, Discrimination and Stigmatization in the Niger Delta, followed by award ceremony by the Sisters to Sisters International. Part of the event was the Artisan Fair, where NDWPD displayed locally made beads made by rural women in the Niger Delta.

In June 2009, NDWPD was appointed the African Coordinators of Sophia 2010 World Conference to be held in Bulgaria, now Ways Women Lead.

The year 2009 Stand Up and Take Action Campaign received special participation as the Executive Chairman of the DESOPDEC, Chief Dr. Wellington Okrika and his Cabinet stand up and take action against poverty to break the Guinness World record which gave a boost not only to the NDWPD but to Nigeria as a whole.

In October 2009, NDWPD marked the Sophia Day in conjunction with the United Nations Day, the International Day of Climate Action, the Earth Charter and the Formal opening of the Niger Delta Women Resource Center.

Climate Justice Tribunal
November 12 -13, 2009, NDWPD facilitated two climate justice tribunals and poverty hearings ahead of the Copenhagen Climate summit. Niger Delta Women and Climate Justice Tribunals: The Effect of Climate Change on women in Jesse, Delta State. Case of the Jesse Fire Inferno 1998 and the Water management in Odi Bayelsa State.

In December 2009, the NDWPD join her partners from other part of the world to present the outcomes of the Climates Justices Hearing as a Climate witness from the Niger Delta, Nigeria.