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    Noble Delta Women for Peace and Development (NDWPD) was formerly known as Niger Delta Women’s movement for Peace and Development (NDWPD).


    • Gender Equality and Women’s Human Right:

    We have actively fought for Gender Equality, Women Inclusion in Decision making and Women’s Rights and Empowerment at rural areas, in Nigeria.
    Because we know all about the oil spills too well , we often mobilises hundreds of women and youth who wage peace campaigns to protect their homeland from multinational harmful environmental policies.

    • Women Economic Empowerment and Livelihoods:

    1. Entrepreneur skills for women and girls in the Niger Delta.
    2. Advocacy for Women in Decision-Making Process.
    3. Women Leadership and Political Women Participation institute on building blocks of leaders.

    • Governance, Peace and Security:

    We envision a world of Peace, Equality and an improved and Developed economy where:

    1. Our women and children will be educated and have right to protection and Peace in the entire region and the Nigerian Nation.
    2. Government protects the most vulnerable women and their children through improved policy and Legislation by channeling resources to communities.
    3. NDWPD considers Community peace and Gender Equality as critical for sustainable development, particularly for more vulnerable groups like women and children. Hence, our persisting advocacy for an effective sustainable livelihood in Nigeria and across the globe.
      We carry out Peace building programs , trainings, sensitization and awareness raising among women and youth at grassroots and the general public to advocate for national level prioritization, development and implementation of clear policy frameworks that ensures attainments of the Sustainable Development Goals by the year 2030.

    • Health, HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Rights:

    Awareness raising through Advocacy and Social mobilization to create supportive environment for women, girls and children affected by Malaria and other related diseases and reduce stigma and discrimination for those affected by HIV/AIDS.

    • Climate change, Environment / Renewable Energy:

    As an organization determined to promote quality human services that will ensure sustainable development in our rural communities, NDWPD is poised to allow people especially women have access to safe and healthy environment and making sure that the environmental resources are managed in the most sustainable way to achieve socio-economic development.

    For us we subscribe to the fact that development cannot be achieved where information about the environment and environmental resources are lacking, hence NDWPD provides up to date information and strengthen voices of women and youth to search for solutions on the State of Environment, Climate Change, Education, Equality, Social Justice and Environmental resources.

    NDWPD has been committed to reducing extreme poverty by fighting climate change and environmental pollution which is the root cause of poverty and conflict in the Niger Delta and empowering women and girls to reduce their vulnerability.

    • Women / Girls Education and Development:

    Training of women and girls in skills, vocation and chores.

    • Caring for Orphans / Vulnerable Children (OVCs):

    To provide the children in orphanages and destitute homes with food, clothes, vaccinations/ medical care, books and uniforms, education scholarships and household equipments.